Harmony of Nature and Culture


Today we meet a plenty of difficulties when we do shopping because of many false indications and lies. We do not live in the world where we can trust the products from whichever market.


In many cases, when we buy something, we do not know where the product come from, who made it, which material it is made of, and how was the process. In this commercialized and capitalist world, we are too much in habit to buy something without consider the details of origen and process of the product, but only price and convenience.


On the other hand, in many countries huge and multinational companies have appeared which pressure the producers with bad conditions of employment. In the background of the cheap products, there is an effective system of large scale production with cheap labour and exploitation of natural resorces. It is a serious crime of human right abuse and destruction of environment.


And if we buy those products inconsciously without to think of their backgrounds or their process of production, we would be helping those crimes of the huge companies.


The consept of 'fair trade' has been generated by the conscious people who had awared the risk of shopping in this commercial world. 'Fair trade' is a concept of fair exchange between a side of the producers and the other side of consumers for the fair prices for value of labour and material. This way of exchange does not only assure consumers the products, but also provides fair salary for their labour = security of the life for the producers so that they can improve their life without depending on the aid exterior.


The most important thing is each of us as a consumer would have more interest volutarily in productive and comercial background of the products.


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